We ask for your attention, content being written, timetables are subject to change

The workshops will take place Saturday morning .

Access to the workshops is included in the registration to the congress, no pre-registration to the workshops, however places are limited.

Saturday 11th December, Saturday 09th April 2022, Session 1 : 09h00 – 10h00

Workshop 1 Ventilation (implementation, adaptation and data analysis)

Head : Dr Carole PHILIPPE (Paris), Dr Charles PAOLI ( Paris)

Program :

Workshop 2 DISE Endoscopy in the children and the adult

Head : Dr Olivier GALLET DE SANTERRE (Montpellier)

Program :

  • DISE : : what is it?
  • Endoscopy for children
  • Endoscopy for adult
  • Limits ?
  • Discussion

Workshop 3 MOA : How to prescribe and their follow-up for OSAH patient

Partnership : Somnomed

Head : Dr Jean ABOUCHAR

Program :

  • Indication and prescribing
  • Follow-up

Saturday 11th December, Saturday 09th April 2022, Session 1 : 10h00 – 11h00

Workshop 4 MAO appliance, for which patient? Treatment and the following from the childhood to adult

Partnership : Resmed

Head : Dr Maguy LEVY (Paris)

Program :

  • Understand the interest of the digital orthosis in practice

    Workshop 5 OSAHS, patient information and forensic obligation

    Head : Dr Nathalie AISENBERG (Paris), Dr Carole PHILIPPE (Paris)

    Program :

    • Patient information through clinical cases

        Workshop 6 Polygraphy

        Partnership : CIDELEC

        Head : Dr Pierre-Jean MONTEYROL

        Program :

        • Indication
        • Follow-up
        • Case studies

        Coffee break and visiting of partners booths : 11h00 – 11h30

        Saturday 11th december, Saturday 09th April 2022, Session 4 : 11h30 – 12h30

        Workshop 7 Ambulatory polygraph reading in the diagnostic approach of OSAHS

        Head : Dr Corinne DEPAGNE(Lyon)

        Program :

        • Workshop for physicians who wish to master this diagnosis tool
        • Diagnosis
        • Polygraphy tools

        Workshop 8 Sleep disorders and therapeutic hypnosis contributions

        Head : Dr Sophie GEHIN (Lyon)

        Program :

        • Hypnosis
        • Input on sleep disorders
        • Sleep cycle
        • Discussion

        Workshop 9 Restless legs Syndrom : Diagnostic and care for patients

        Head : Dr Alain NICOLAS (Lyon)

        Program :

        • Understand the diagnosis and how to care the patients