Friday 08 December :

08h30 : Opening sessionPr M. Ouayoun, Dr P. El Chater, Dr D. Abedipour

08h45 : OSAS Evolution and futures challenges in ENTPr B. Fleury, Pr F. Chabolle

09:15 : Introduction – Dr PJ Monteyrol

09h15 : Pediatric Session “OSAS of the child”

Sleep of the child

09h15 : IntroductionDr P-J. Monteyrol (5 min)

09h20 : Maturation of the infant’s sleepingPr P. Franco (30 min)

09h50 : Children’s cognitive development and sleep Dr S. Bioulac (20 min)

Pathophysiology of children OSAS

10h10 : Facial growth and bone maturing – Dr M. Hervy – Dr PJ Monteyrol (20 min)

10h30 : Clinical aspect: Children’s OSAS specificity  – Dr J. Briffod  – Dr X-L Nguyen (20 min)

10h50 : Children’s SAS Complications Pr P. Franco – Dr S. Bioulac (20 min)

11h15 : Coffee Break (30 min)

Diagnostique du SAOS

11h45 : Polygraphy or PSG Dr F. Sevin (15 min)

12h00 : Interest of the study of the mandibular movements during the sleep of the child – Dr J-B. Martinot (15 min)

12h15 : The place of drug-induced sleep endoscopyDr O. Gallet de Santerre (15 min)

12h30 : Biology – Pr M. Ouayoun (15 min)

12h45 : Discussion around the indicationsPr P. Franco – Dr F. Sevin – Dr J-B. Martinot (15 min)

13h00 – 14h30 : Lunch Break

Infant’s OSAS : Treatment

14h30 : PPV of the children Dr X-L Nguyen (15 min)

14h45 : Facial orthodontic for a child with OSAHS Dr M. Hervy (15 min)

15h00 : When make adeno-tonsillectomy (total ou partial)? Dr J. Briffod (15 min)

15h15 : Lingual rehabilitation – Mrs M. Warnier (10 min)

15h25 : Link between child hyper activity syndrome and SAS   Dr S. Bioulac (15 min)

15h40 : Treatment of nasal obstruction in infancy : Pr V. Couloigner (10 min)

15h50 : Anesthesia and child OSASPr V. Couloigner (10 min)

16h00 : Coffee Break (30 min)

16h30 : Place of dental and facial surgery in the big childDr B. Petelle (15 min)

16h45 : Decisional tree of the management of child SAS Dr D. Abedipour – Dr P. El Chater (15 min)

17h00 : Conclusion – Dr P-J. Monteyrol (10 min)



Session “mandibular advancement orthesis and positinnal treatment”

09h00 : Introduction – Dr P. EL Chater & Dr D. Abedipour (5 min)

09h05 : OSA, depression and insomia : guidelines for diagnosis – Dr L. Abedipour (London) (15 min)

09h20 : The impact of lateral and prone positioning on sleep– Pr A. Bidarian-Moniri (15 min)

09h35 : REM related Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) in Women – Dr V. Koka (15 min)

09h50 : 3D printing orthesis and new approach Dr B. Navailles (15 min)

10h05 : Side effects and treatment optimization with MAD – Dr R. Silva (15 min)

10h20 : DAM and  covering by the health insurance : check in !Dr E. Attali (15 min)

10h35 – 11h00 Coffee break (25 min)

11h00 : Update of  PPV care by ENT – Dr O. Gallet de Santerre (15 min)

11h15 : Failure of PPV in totally edentulous patient : Clinical case of OAM treatment Dr B. Petriat (15 min)

11h30 : Clinical case  in medical office – Pr M. Braem (15 min)

11h45 : Synthesis of previous day & SOMNOFORUM THESIS PRIZE