Friday december 6th 2019  – Great session

09H00: Opening session of the congress

  • Greetings by organizers and presentation of the program Pr Michel-Christian OUAYOUN, Dr Darius ABEDIPOUR, Dr Pierre EL CHATER,

09H30: Sleep physiology in the elderly  

  • Sleep in elderly subject, a bed of roses? – Pr Marie-Françoise VECCHIERINI (30 min)
  • OSA in old age, a distinct phenotype – Dr Venkata KOKA (20min)

10H20: Frequent sleep disorder in the elderly

  • REM Sleep behavior disorder – Dr Smaranda LEU SEMENESCU (20 min) 
  • Insomnia in the elderly – Dr Sylvie ROYANT-PAROLA (20 min) 

11h00 – 11h30 : Coffee break & Partners exhibition

11h30 : Session “OSA in old age”

  • OSA and excessive daytime drowsiness in the elderlyc Dr Agathe BRIDOUX (20 min)
  • MAD in the elderly, “why not?”Dr Gilles BESNAINOU (30 min)
  • ORCADES Styudy : Results at 5 years”- Dr Pierre-Jean MONTEYROL & Dr Pierre EL CHATER (30 min)

13h00 – 14h30 : Lunch break

14H30 : Session “OSA in old age”

  • Nasal obstruction and involution – Pr François DISANT (20 min)
  • The impact of sleep position and sleep stage on OSA – Pr Armin BIDARIAN (20 min)

15H10 : Respiratory diseases in children: A close collaboration between ENT and DFO

  • Tonsillectomy (or tomy) for orthodontic purposes – Dr Pierre EL CHATER (20 min)
  • Activators, breakers, distractors: techniques to use or to associate – Dr Pierre-Jean MONTEYROL (20 min)

15H50 : Smartphone application and sleep management

  • Smartphone Applications to Support Sleep Self-Management : latest update – Lily ABEDIPOUR & Dr Pierre El CHATER  (20min)


16h45 : MAD

  • Cardiovascular impact of advanced mandibular orthotics in SAOS – Dr Jean-Pierre BAROIN (25 min)
  • MAD : the dentist’s point of view – Dr Jean ABOUCHAR (30 min)

17h40 : SAHOS Drug approaches

  • OSAHS drug approches – Dr Darius ABEDIPOUR (20 min)

18h00 : Conclusion