Friday december 10th 2021  – Great session

09h00 : Opening session of the congress.
Dr Pierre-Jean MONTEYROL, Dr Darius ABEDIPOUR, Dr Pierre EL CHATER

09h10 : SAS medical care : present and future prospects of connected devices! 
Pr Pierre ESCOURROU (Paris)

09h30 : Physiological nasal cycle in sleep.
Dr Emilie BEGUIGNON (Paris)

09h50 : Nose in OSA: role of nasal dysfunctions in obstructive sleep disordered breathing.
Pr Armin BIDARIAN (Faro – Portugal)

10h10 : Early detection of future apneic, facial growth and nasal regulation.
Dr Pierre-Jean MONTEYROL (Bordeaux)

10h30 : Facial and nasal changes in adolescents: therapeutic perspectives.
Dr Michèle HERVY(Paris)

11h00 – 11h30 : Coffee break & Partners exhibition

11h30 : The aging of the nose and OSA.
Pr François DISANT (Lyon)

11h50 : Phenotypic approach of OSA : new pathways for targeted therapy.
Dr Venkata KOKA (Paris)

12h10 : Upper airway surgery for OSA : a targeted approach.
Pr Andrea De VITO (Bologna – Italia)

    12h30 – 14h00 : Lunch break

    14h00 : Minimal-invasive nose gestures in OSAHS.
    Dr Nicolas BECK (Dijon)

    14h20 : When to perform nasal septoplasty in children?
    Dr Mohamed AKKARI (Montpellier)

    14h40 : «Stop think and sleep!» The sleep of the ADHD teenager.
    Dr Domitille ROCHE (Lyon)

    15h00 : Follow-up of a child after treatment of OSAHS and procedures to be followed in case of failure of adenoido-tonsillectomy or recurrence after adenomyamygdalectomy.
    Dr Mohamed AKKARI (Montpellier)

    15h20 : Neuropathy in OSAS, what are we talking about?.
    Dr Agathe BRIDOUX (Lyon)

    15h40 : Myofacial rehabilitation at the heart of the fight against OSAS.
    Mme Sylvie DEVULDER (Lyon)

      16h10 – 16h30 : Coffee break & Partners exhibition

      16h30 : “My loves… my troubles!” Or orthosis with or without VOD, with or without Joint Pathology.
      Dr Jean ABOUCHARD (Poitiers)

      17h00 : 5-year follow-up of total edentulous patient under orthosis.
      Dr Bernard PETRIAT (Pau)

      17h20 : Mandibular orthosis in 2022, how it’s works !
      Dr Gilles BESNAINOU (Paris)

      17h45 : Closing plenary

        Saturday december 11th 2021 : plenary session and workshop session 09h00 – 13h00

        09h30 : SAS and pregnancy : what to do in the medical office? 
        Dr Nathalie AISENBERG (Paris)

        10h00 : SAS and cancers
        Pr Françoise DURAND (Paris)

        10h30 : Re-DISE after failed treatment.
        Pr Evert HAMANS (Anvers – Belgique)

        11h00 – 11h30 : Coffee break & Partners exhibition

        11h30 : New technics of maxillo mandibular advancement surgery in OSA.
        Pr Lars RASMUSSON (Göteborg, Suède)

        12h00 : Positionnal OSA.
        Dr Madeline RAVESLOOT (Amsterdam – Hollande)

        12h30 : Physiopathology of the upper airways and modelling of their collapse.
        Dr Pierre EL CHATER (Dubai – EAU) et Dr Darius ABEDIPOUR (Lyon)